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Navarro county deer?

Posted By: Jzn6.7

Navarro county deer? - 10/07/20 05:03 PM

I recently bought land in Kerens Tx (east of 45 and north of 31)

I have found tons of hog tracks and some deer tracks/droppings as well but not sure how old they are. The property does have a pond about 20 yards in diameter and is 1.01 miles away from the trinity river. I put a feeder and game cam out near the pond where it looks like two game trails intersect. It has been 3 days and I have not had any animals show up at all, not even raccoons. Being from Spring Branch Tx I'm used to seeing deer within 5 minutes of throwing corn out so maybe I'm being impatient, but I'm hoping someone on here has experience hunting the area and can tell me how the deer/hog hunting is here, as well as what I can do to help these deer find my corn if they are here.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice
Posted By: TrackQuack

Re: Navarro county deer? - 10/07/20 05:11 PM

There is some great deer, deer hunting, and lots of pressure. If you have a small tract and are surrounded by small tracts you might see less deer than others. I hunt South of 31 along the river and the quantity of deer we have is staggering, but we still deal with pressure from adjacent landowners who are out doing the same thing we do.
Posted By: Archer Anthony

Re: Navarro county deer? - 10/07/20 05:23 PM

I hunt Navarro county. There are decent deer around and alot of pigs. Have patience and depending how big your property is remember you might just be on one of their travel corridors. The deer will come so will the hogs. Rut is coming very soon
Posted By: pop r

Re: Navarro county deer? - 10/07/20 05:56 PM

If you can plant a food plot it will help bring them in. Either oats, wheat, rye, winter peas, clover, radishes etc. will work out great. Once you attract the doe's the bucks will follow. If you have oak trees like I do in Fairfield the acorns have started to fall and the deer prefer those over everything for a while. Good luck and welcome to the Forum! welcome
Posted By: Txhunter65

Re: Navarro county deer? - 10/07/20 06:38 PM

What kind of trail cam did you put out?
Posted By: Jzn6.7

Re: Navarro county deer? - 10/07/20 07:47 PM

I appreciate y'alls responses, I've only lived out here for 9 days so I was dying to know if they were here...

I'm waiting to buy a tractor until my house back in Spring Branch sells so I won't have a food plot until next season but part of the reason I was wanting to know was to figure out if it would even be worth the investment . Sounds like it's worth a shot!

The game camera I put out is just a cheap wild wildgame innovations from academy, but I know it works because I have plenty of pictures of myself lol
Posted By: Mr. T.

Re: Navarro county deer? - 10/07/20 08:11 PM

Buy a sack of corn and pour it out in a line from your camera. You will know a lot of information in 48 hours.
Posted By: ctonsmitty

Re: Navarro county deer? - 10/07/20 08:54 PM

How many acres did you buy? My brother has a lake house near Malakoff and we see tons of deer and hogs. We rarely see a big buck during the day, but we have some really good ones over corn at night.
Posted By: Jzn6.7

Re: Navarro county deer? - 10/07/20 10:37 PM

26 acres... buttttt I went to drop off my blind at the spot I will be hunting today and realized the only day the feeder was set for is Saturday... I set it up on Monday so the feeder has never even had a chance to go off except for the test spin I did on the day I set it up
Posted By: Archer Anthony

Re: Navarro county deer? - 10/08/20 01:31 AM

We hunt on 26 acres and see tons of deer
Posted By: TrackQuack

Re: Navarro county deer? - 10/21/20 04:06 PM

They seem to be already starting the rut in Navarro, I am always suprised by how early. Multiple TC sequences of does being chased by multiple bucks and one of the larger bucks I have on the hit list this year from one day to the next got his eye gouged from what I assume would be fighting. We rarely have bucks come to feeders, always impresses me just how smart and their learned behaviors are. I will see them crusing edges and pinch points however rarely ever get TC photos of them at feeders. They seem to go out of their way to avoid them.
Posted By: Jzn6.7

Re: Navarro county deer? - 11/01/20 04:24 AM

I actually have a couple bucks coming daily, are these decent bucks here near Kerens?

There are tons of monster bucks where I'm from so not sure if the bigger bucks in the area just haven't shown themselves yet or if the 8 I have coming in is worth being the 1 buck for the year...

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