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Trip to Argentina

Posted By: martl

Trip to Argentina - 12/27/19 06:50 PM

Hello there!
I'm planning a hunting trip to Argentina on March 5th and I was looking for some advice. What deer rifle do you recommend? Do you have any tips? What do you think about the Tikka T3 Lite?
Also, I'm looking for a hunting travel agency. Do you know something about TGB Outfitters?
Posted By: dogcatcher

Re: Trip to Argentina - 12/27/19 09:27 PM

Posted By: lost again

Re: Trip to Argentina - 12/28/19 12:14 AM

1. Welcome to THF
2. Exactly what are you going to be hunting
Posted By: EddieWalker

Re: Trip to Argentina - 12/28/19 05:00 PM

Can you borrow a rifle there instead of bringing one? I've done both to other countries and found the trips without a rifle to be a lot more enjoyable. No stress of dealing with the airlines, what to do when you get there and your rifle doesn't, and then wasting hunting days going back to the airport to get your rifle, and then see if it's still accurate. And even more important, what to do with your rifle after the hunt if you want to go site seeing or just hang out in town for a few days?
Posted By: Stub

Re: Trip to Argentina - 12/28/19 05:02 PM

Originally Posted by dogcatcher

Red Stag?
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