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Posted By: Adchunts

Age? - 12/13/19 03:17 PM

[Linked Image]

How old do you think this buck is? I don’t believe he would ever make 13”. Picture is not from an AR county, but demonstrates one of the issues with antler restrictions.
Posted By: unclebubba

Re: Age? - 12/13/19 03:38 PM

Are you sure that you didn't photoshop a young deer's head on an old deer's body?
Posted By: QuitShootinYoungBucks

Re: Age? - 12/13/19 03:42 PM

Originally Posted by Adchunts
[Linked Image]

I don’t believe he would ever make 13”.

Based on what, seeing him one year? We've got tons of younger deer that look like that and never see a mature deer that doesn't make 13". That is a hard deer to age but I do not believe he is mature. My bet is 2.5, maybe 3.5 but he's standing in a perfect pose to make it hard.
Posted By: Hudbone

Re: Age? - 12/13/19 03:44 PM

Belief mine, there is just too much in front of the shoulders for that deer not to be less than 3 1/2
Posted By: Captain Luke

Re: Age? - 12/13/19 04:56 PM

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