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Taylor County Hunters

Posted By: SJBDeer

Taylor County Hunters - 11/27/19 01:54 PM

Any reports? Rut Activity?

Heading out to Family place near Coronado’s camp southwest of Abilene. Haven’t been since Youth and Rifle opener- was no action.

If the wind is right going to hunt this evening and again on Thursday morning. Was thinking Thursday morning after rain should be pretty solid hunting for a couple of hours.
Posted By: Hartca

Re: Taylor County Hunters - 11/27/19 11:03 PM

The rut is over. Acorns are everywhere. It has been tough!! The weather says rain and 30mph winds all weekend but I will still be there. Good luck!
Posted By: Hartca

Re: Taylor County Hunters - 12/03/19 10:15 PM

Acorns are killing us.
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