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Early riser

Posted By: mow

Early riser - 11/24/19 12:16 PM

Funny story..I went to bed little after 7 last night...alarm goes off..I get make coffee..watch TV ..drink coffee..get up to get dressed for the morning hunt..when I glance at my phone time..it reads 10:15...whaaat..I had one of the alarms set for 9:55 pm..I noticed I had been watching the 10 pm news..I thought it was a recorded version..but no..it was 10 pm..I tried to go back to sleep..finally falling asleep..I woke uope this morning about 4:15am..true story😁
Posted By: krmitchell

Re: Early riser - 11/24/19 12:24 PM

Been there, done that except I was halfway to work when I looked at my clock in the car and realized it was 2:30 AM not 6:30 AM like I thought it was.
Posted By: Stub

Re: Early riser - 11/24/19 12:31 PM

Yep I have done that before also hammer
Posted By: Jimbo1

Re: Early riser - 11/24/19 02:20 PM

Crazy when that happens. Funks up the whole day for me.
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