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Runnels County

Posted By: hatchie_hills

Runnels County - 11/24/19 02:22 AM

I leased a place in northern runnels county (off FM 1770) this year. I just got stationed here in May and it was the only thing I was able to find. It doesn't appear they are a lot of deer in the area. I was getting a few buck pictures on a feeder back in early bow season but they have since left. The landowner turned the cows in the area I was hunting a couple of days before gun season and it seems the deer have left. All I have gotten on camera is a doe and button head for the last 3 weeks. Right now I don't have a legal deer to hunt and don't want to kill the only doe in there. I was really looking forward to putting some meat in the freezer this year but it's not looking too good. Just wondering if anyone if the area seeing the same thing?
Posted By: scalebuster

Re: Runnels County - 11/24/19 02:29 AM

Kill that doe and find a new lease next year.
Posted By: Sneaky

Re: Runnels County - 11/24/19 07:29 AM

There’s a lot of deer in the county, but each place is hit and miss. Good cover is spotty. If you have deer at all, then you’re in good shape. Don’t put too much stock into the pictures.
Posted By: hatchie_hills

Re: Runnels County - 11/24/19 09:44 PM

That's the plan scalebuster! wink
Posted By: rolyat.nosaj

Re: Runnels County - 11/24/19 11:36 PM

I hunted just outside of Ovalo. The deer are very skidish and never came into the feeders for me. It's possible the same thing is happening if your cameras are setup on your feeder. I found a draw they would come through but even then it was tough. Good luck and don't give up!
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