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Posted By: Creekrunner

Dry - 09/25/19 12:38 PM

Got a spittle of rain here here at the house last week, but nothing at the ranch for many weeks. There has usually been a "teaser" front by now, but not this year.

The deer will certainly hammer any alfalfa I put out, but this is beginning to get worrisome. At least the water troughs are all working right, knock on wood. I saw there'd been a fire along the road and over maybe 20 or so acres, and where the VFD had had to cut the fence, when I was headed to Menard.

Tell me it's gonna rain.
Posted By: ZK-315

Re: Dry - 09/25/19 12:57 PM

Go wash your truck. That always seems to help it rain, at least for me. Speaking of, i could use some rain myself since we planted last weekend. May have to go give my truck a bath.
Posted By: stxranchman

Re: Dry - 09/25/19 12:59 PM

I had good rains in June then early July I had 1.90" to 2.35" on July 2nd, then on July 3rd I had another .55" and on July 15th I added another .30". Was in good shape into July but then it stopped raining and got to the 100 deg temps of late summer. Next rains was not until Sept. 5th when I had about .60" followed by a string of 100 deg days. Yesterday I had around .70". This Sept is going to be my lowest Sept rainfall total since I bought the place in 2012. Historically Sept. is the heaviest average rainfall month of the year. Not looking good for the rest of the fall and winter if we do not get a strong cold front in with some moisture. My plan is to plant oats/peas around Oct 7th to 14th depending on weather...if it stays dry I will plant the 14th or so and hope the soil has dried out.
Posted By: Western

Re: Dry - 09/25/19 04:23 PM

Had maybe .09 in almost 2 months, almost forgot about the stellar Spring rains we had. Could sure use some average rains now. Add to the temps being around 10 over normal and they say it will run into at least the 1st week of Oct here. Also think we have broke a Sept temp record.
Posted By: Erathkid

Re: Dry - 09/25/19 06:56 PM

Not much relief coming anytime soon. High pressure dome is sitting right on top of us. realmad
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