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Hunting Timber Co. Land

Posted By: PoppaG22

Hunting Timber Co. Land - 07/18/19 08:58 AM

I'm looking at maybe leasing some large pieces of timber company land in SE oklahoma. I have no experience doing this and was hoping some of yall do. What have you seen and what're the pros/cons? Anything will help thanks
Posted By: Russ79

Re: Hunting Timber Co. Land - 07/18/19 01:59 PM

I lease three timber company tracts in east Texas so not sure how it equates to Oklahoma unless it is the same timber company. They are a way to get a reasonably priced lease but my first suggestion would be to physically go look it over. Make sure access and roads are acceptable. Look for natural openings, old log sets, or skidder roads to be able to set up feeders and/or food plots. If you plant a food plot get a soil sample tested- most likely you will need to lime it. One draw back is that since they are in the business of growing and selling timber they will whatever they need to do whenever they want to or weather permits. I have been in a tree bow hunting when a helicopter was flying over spraying herbicide. I have had planting crews in the week before the opening of gun season. The company I lease from has become better over the years to let me know when and where on the lease they will be cutting so we can get stands and feeders moved if we need to. I have found though over the years that the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.
Posted By: WendlingKnives

Re: Hunting Timber Co. Land - 07/18/19 06:15 PM

or when you go to the lease and find out that your 'perfect spot' and stand were just clearcut in 100acre swath and theres nothing left but stumps
Posted By: Brother Phil

Re: Hunting Timber Co. Land - 07/18/19 06:37 PM

I have a friend that purchased some hunting land in OK, and has since sold it. There was a road, on an easement, leading to the property. He mentioned that the road was not well maintained, and was a challenge to drive on. I would really check out the access.
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