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Night pics on camera

Posted By: tlk

Night pics on camera - 10/01/18 10:09 PM

we use the Moultrie panoramic 150 model cameras. We run about 12-14 of them. Come to find out when the battery level reaches 50% or less they quit taking night pictures. I assume it has to do with the flash. Has anyone ever had this problem? I have a call into Moultrie to see if they know
Posted By: Dalee7892

Re: Night pics on camera - 10/01/18 11:21 PM

That's one reason I always had the solar hooked up to mine. It worked great, pricey.
Posted By: BayouGuy

Re: Night pics on camera - 10/02/18 01:30 AM

Don't know about that Moultrie model. But I hooked up one of the batteries in the link below to a Browning Strike Force camera on 1 Feb 2018, and set the camera on Time Lapse mode to take pictures every 60 seconds every day from dawn to dusk. With a 32GB card in the camera I've been changing card out every two weeks. I have not charged the battery since initial set-up. As of last Saturday it's still taking those Time Lapse pictures without flaw.


Here's the cable connector that fits Browning and Moultrie cameras.

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