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The Nolan County thread

Posted By: 7mag

The Nolan County thread - 06/24/18 02:01 PM

The one you been missing all this time. 3rd times a charm? Hell I don't know. Set up my feeder and blind back around mid May. Been too hot to venture back.

Looks like good rains back in that area. How's it looking for yu in this part of Texas??
Posted By: dlrz71

Re: The Nolan County thread - 06/25/18 01:29 AM

We are in Coke but haven't been back since deer season. I am hoping to make a quick trip next weekend when we are in Abilene.
Posted By: 7mag

Re: The Nolan County thread - 06/25/18 11:10 PM

Looks like fire was going as of yesterday south east of Maryneal. Not sure if it's out today.
Posted By: dlrz71

Re: The Nolan County thread - 07/02/18 04:34 PM

There was a fire West of Blackwell and another one just South of Sweetwater. I made it out there Sunday afternoon and our place got some good rain Saturday but the ranch is very dry with very little growth. Hopefully we will get some more timely rain the rest of the summer. Saw a few deer and they looked to be very healthy. I filled one feeder and reset one of the cameras so hopefully will have some good growth pics next go around.
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