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Posted By: billyhunt

EOE - 12/30/14 02:49 AM

Guys one day
Gals the next
Posted By: Halfadozen

Re: EOE - 12/30/14 03:59 PM

Very nice. Did you notice the bird in both pics? Nearly the same spot in each pic.
Posted By: cyberpyrot

Re: EOE - 12/30/14 04:01 PM

and 2 minutes shy of 24 hours
Posted By: billyhunt

Re: EOE - 12/31/14 12:40 AM

Halfadozen, yeah I get so used to em, it was a dove almost promise. They are ALL over my feeder.
Posted By: billyhunt

Re: EOE - 12/31/14 12:42 AM

cyberpyrot its almost like clock work this last week.LOL
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