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First muley

Posted By: UTAhunter

First muley - 12/15/14 01:06 PM

Three of us went out to the Eastern Trans-Pecos to try to shoot a mule deer buck and two mule deer does. We worked very hard and walked a lot of miles. This is our first year hunting the property and I had never shot a muley, so I told myself I would shoot the first 4X4 outside the ears I saw. We walked for twenty minutes at first light on Friday morning. There was a ridge to our left and a big creosote/mesquite flat to our right. We spooked a doe on the ridge who ran, only stopping for a second before running again. She had a fawn trailing her. As we are watching the doe run away we hear rocks falling and look up the slope and see a buck. I put the scope on him, see that he has four points on one side and decide to shoot. The buck looks at us, looks at the direction the doe headed, and nonchalantly begins walking that trail. I waited until he paused and shot him at seventy yards broadside. He ran about fifty yards before falling.

We hunted the rest of the weekend and did manage to get two does. We saw three more bucks and none were as big as this deer, so I made the right choice taking him so early. He was over two hundred pounds on the hoof.

Posted By: erniejs

Re: First muley - 12/15/14 01:07 PM

2 cheers
Posted By: S.A. hunter

Re: First muley - 12/15/14 01:22 PM

You made it look easy. Congrats.
Posted By: Western

Re: First muley - 12/15/14 02:20 PM

Nice West Texas mule up
Posted By: JRJ6

Re: First muley - 12/15/14 02:49 PM

Posted By: Erathkid

Re: First muley - 12/15/14 04:07 PM

Nice one. Congratulations.
Posted By: tdecker22

Re: First muley - 12/15/14 04:12 PM

nice job. Congrats to you.
Posted By: Creekrunner

Re: First muley - 12/15/14 06:48 PM

Great picture of a happy hunter. Congratulations.
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