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Spotlight report

Posted By: limitedout

Spotlight report - 12/07/14 02:45 AM

Sat in blind all day and saw no deer. Just went for a buggy ride with spotlight and saw no less than 20 deer casually grazing.....death to the full moon!!!
Posted By: 4Weight

Re: Spotlight report - 12/07/14 02:48 AM

We're they on wheat or what?
Posted By: billyhunt

Re: Spotlight report - 12/07/14 03:27 AM

I'm with you limitedout, all day and no seeing a deer. realmad
Posted By: SapperTitan

Re: Spotlight report - 12/07/14 03:56 AM

Maybe set up close to bedding area and catch them at first light coming back from feeding.
Posted By: billyhunt

Re: Spotlight report - 12/07/14 04:00 AM

Yep Sapper, looked at the sd card on one feeder and they hit the corn hard all night.
Posted By: Nathan at Fork

Re: Spotlight report - 12/07/14 04:04 AM

My dad sat in one of my blinds today from 11am until dark and didn't see a single deer.
Posted By: Jimbo1

Re: Spotlight report - 12/08/14 01:00 AM

I sat 10 hours yesterday and didn't see a thing. Put in about 8 hrs Friday and also saw nothing. Went in to work some OT this morning so at least I'll "see" some more money!
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