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A "How do you" .....

Posted By: Drop 1

A "How do you" ..... - 10/27/14 01:46 PM

One week left and we're all acting like kids in a candy shop. How do you guys get through work and family time? How do you get the heavily adored " Kitchen pass" For this weekend?

I took the wife out for our anniversary Saturday, then she took me to Cabelas. (SCORE !!!) I got all the deer stand goodies including an aerosol can of #69. My M.I.L asked what type of hair spray it was while we were outside. Long story short, that stuff don't go in hair. ( Need another can)
Yesterday I took the .270 WSM out to hear it sing with new loads.
The wife got all my camo ready and packed,
All I need now is that 3:30 bell on Friday

So lets hear it, how do you
Posted By: QuitShootinYoungBucks

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/27/14 02:23 PM

Took last Friday off and went MLD, crossbow, and youth hunting all weekend and did prep work for the rifle opener.
Posted By: brucet

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/27/14 02:30 PM

I got my "Kitchen pass" because my wife is going with me opening day smile
Posted By: 8pointdrop

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/27/14 02:41 PM

No need for a kitchen pass, she knows the drill.

Only thing I have to worry about is not taking her on the opener of her beloved duck season. wife

She's made threats to go set her own decoys, call, and retrieve her own ducks while I deer hunt, we'll see.
Posted By: stxranchman

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/27/14 02:49 PM

I have been hunting since Sept. 15th this year. No wife so I don't have anything to hold me back from hunting every day if I want.
Posted By: tShawnB

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/27/14 03:27 PM

As soon as I was required to get a kitchen pass, I fired the cook and now cook for myself. Fortunately I have a job where I can pretty much take off whenever; however, I have a 15 year old son living with me, so that is almost as bad as the first "cook" I had but when he is out of school, we are hunting.
Posted By: txtrophy85

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/27/14 03:32 PM

I tell my wife when I'm going and when i'll be back so I leave it at that.

I have a flexible work schedule so I can be mobile but that comes at a price, my phone never stops ringing, I'm often on the phone on business in the blind.

Most of my hunting now is an afternoon or a day here and there for the most part, I can't take the 2-3 day trips like I used to every week.

Most years I will take a week or two off from the office to get my serious hunting in though

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/27/14 03:39 PM

When I am home... I take care of what I need to take care of. Go to dinner night before.. do some honeydoos that week... and I never have a problem and honestly I never "ask" to go hunting... We have a good working understanding relationship and has been working this way for almost 10 years.... Its a give and take... pick your battles and enjoy your time together and you enjoy yours at deer camp and in return let her enjoy hers... make her a reservation at the spa opening weekend... that always goes a LONG way! up
Posted By: Erich

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/27/14 05:02 PM

take the family with you. we own our own ranch...but camp is a family camp.
Posted By: Dave B

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/27/14 05:12 PM

Retired and don't have to worry about days off. Taking care of a few things around the house. Trying to not think about Saturday morning with busy work. Making jerky right now to take with me. Wife knows this weekend is mine. No kitchen pass required. She will come out and hunt the second weekend and every weekend after this one until she connects.
Posted By: dogcatcher

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/27/14 05:16 PM

After 42 years we get just load up and head out. She doesn't ask me for permission and I don't ask her for permission.
Posted By: RossCravens

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/27/14 05:43 PM

Originally Posted By: Erich
take the family with you. we own our own ranch...but camp is a family camp.

Posted By: Texas Dan

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/27/14 06:29 PM

Took the wife to a local nature park yesterday and walked for the sake of walking as she likes to do.

I also make it a point to stay ahead of the curve throughout the off season by taking care of whatever breaks around the house and with the vehicles, and evenings out for dinner.
Posted By: Pinky3169

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/28/14 11:06 AM

The trick is to establish that BEFORE you get married.... I told my wife, 18 years ago, we could get married when ever she wanted just not during deer season.. When we discussed having kids, I told her as long as their birthdays were not during deer season.. I'm still married to the same woman and have a June baby and an October Anniversary.. That was cool until I got on to MLD property some 15 years ago... My plan kinda back fired there.. Not to worry .. She knows she is a Deer Lease widow when this time of year rolls around... I take the whole month of November and half the month of December off just to hunt.. Not to count the week or two I take here and there during Oct, Jan and Feb... I got pretty lucky..
Posted By: Enter Standman

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/28/14 11:16 AM

I was a hunter long before I was a husband. Wifey bought her tickets, she knew what she was getting. The oldest boy is fired up and ready to go, too. It's just as exciting for her to get us two out of the house.
Posted By: CTR

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/28/14 11:28 AM

I get shoved out of the house this time of year with meat orders...
Posted By: FiremanJG

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/28/14 12:30 PM

Since buying land 35 miles from home last year it won't be a big deal. I'm away from home during the day every day I'm off duty anyway. This time of year I won't be home before dark. Last night I did remind her of a week long Mule Deer hunt in December. She said it's written on the calender and it's not a big deal for me to be gone on weekdays since kids are in school and she's at work.
Posted By: bigbob_ftw

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/28/14 12:39 PM

been married 22 years. she's happy for me to go away sometimes.
Posted By: Seadog

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/28/14 01:38 PM

I'm 25mi from lease so home every evening!!!
Posted By: DuckCoach1985

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/28/14 05:22 PM

Not married but I feed the GF backstrap and bacon wrapped duck breast as much as possible. She loves it.. sends me on my way with these orders: "Come home with meat or don't come home at all". When she gets the chance (not often bc work) she comes with me.

Love her...
Posted By: Simple Searcher

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/28/14 05:37 PM

25 years of kitchen passes and then she started hunting with me. She gets as fired up about the next season as much as I do now. Turkey, dove, teal, deer, duck and now she wants to do sandhill crane for our anniversary. banana
Posted By: esnow74

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/28/14 05:38 PM

There is no need for a kitchen pass, it was in my prenup. I told her 20 years ago that I hunted before her and I will hunt after her and if that sounds like a problem then I will keep looking for the right person. She said no problem so I married her and it has never been a problem. Now how much I spend to hunt is a different story. king
Posted By: Erathkid

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/28/14 05:39 PM

My Wife grew up in a hunting family and spent many, many, days of her youth playing along Grape creek, at her families deer lease near Luckenbach. No problem here.
Posted By: txhunter1010

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/28/14 06:16 PM

usually never an issue but my wife has 6 weeks to go until having our baby girl so my days are numbered and she feels bad already and is tires so ill go when I can..
Posted By: tholloway

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/30/14 10:39 PM

wife just wants me gone , cant stand the jitters, by this time she cant stand hearing me count down the days, but she loves what is in the freezer come monday morning
Posted By: Javelin225ho

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/30/14 10:56 PM

i leave tuesday for a 9 day hunting trip for big bucks. i have been doing it for 10 years. how do i get that pass? we eat deer a lot…i do most of the cooking and it doesn't cost much for this trip.
Posted By: TexFlip

Re: A "How do you" ..... - 10/30/14 11:11 PM

My wife hunts and her parents own the ranch we hunt. She looks forward to deer season as much as I do but also hunts year round with me.
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