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Age and score please

Posted By: Racer89

Age and score please - 09/27/14 04:23 PM

Posted By: 1chevypickup

Re: Age and score please - 09/27/14 07:11 PM

Can't really age from that pic, but on score I would guess 130 but I'm no expert.
Posted By: Reactiv1

Re: Age and score please - 09/28/14 01:24 PM

First, nice buck. As stated aging is tough from an ideal broadside photo but this is even tougher. That said, I think it would be safe to bet that this deer is 3 1/2+ Aside from assuming this is a "rut" photo, his chest and neck are well developed so no one should fault you for deciding that he is "mature". As for score, even more difficult without having a full object to compare to ie full body shot, tree, feeder etc. I would put him north of 130" but think 140 is a bit on the optimistic side. If you need a comparison, this buck is 3 1/2 and ballpark 145 now. Keep in mind this was a July photo.
Posted By: artrios60

Re: Age and score please - 09/29/14 12:21 AM

Scored plenty of bucks with very similar frame, I am in mid 120s with that pic
Posted By: stxranchman

Re: Age and score please - 09/29/14 01:51 AM

He has the frame of a 130's deer and appears to mature in that one pic. Need better pics though as he might not be as old as he looks in that one pic.
Posted By: Racer89

Re: Age and score please - 09/29/14 02:38 AM

Thanks guys it's the only photo I have of this guy my granda and I are trying to shoot the older mature deer and was wondering if he would be ok to take
Posted By: Pitchfork Predator

Re: Age and score please - 09/29/14 01:36 PM

125 to 130 and looks mature from the one pic.
Posted By: Reactiv1

Re: Age and score please - 09/30/14 01:38 AM

Hats off to you for making an effort to practice good management. Far too many "hunters" out there that don't view things that way. I'd bet that that most hunters in TX would send him to his maker without thinking twice. Is he the oldest buck on your place? No way to know, unless you're high fenced and don't have any strays. Is he mature enough to harvest? I think we'd all agree that he is if the photo is an accurate representation. Just depends on what your definition of mature is. Let us know what you decide to do. And good luck
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