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Posted By: proudtexan

Acorns - 08/09/14 02:11 AM

What is the acorn crop looking like where you hunt? Our feeders have put out a lot of corn that was not eaten in years with bumper crops of acorns.
Posted By: White Falcon

Re: Acorns - 08/09/14 02:22 AM

Wood Co. some trees have them, most where I hunt don't!!!
Posted By: Western

Re: Acorns - 08/09/14 03:00 AM

Haven't seen one here yet in SW Wise, but it was the same last year and half produced. They wont all produce even in a good year (rainfall) they cycle.
Posted By: LukeSkyBlaster

Re: Acorns - 08/09/14 03:20 AM

Oak trees and acorns to me are a phenomenon. Some years alot, some none at all. I have seen none for a few years at a time. Not sure what it is, rain, pollination, etc. It seems i havenít seen any in a couple years here around Houston area so probably due for a big year of acorns soon.
Posted By: Simple Searcher

Re: Acorns - 08/09/14 04:06 AM

Our place doesn't have any acorns. The late freeze (for out area) back in April turned all of the oaks black. They looked like they had been burned, we thought they were dead. They sprouted leaves and grew back great, but no acorns.
Posted By: JHeflinland

Re: Acorns - 08/09/14 05:18 AM

Val Verde County Oaks are covered in acorns. Will probably make for tough hunting early season but I ain't complaining. Might just have to set some bow stands in the cayons close to the oaks that I know something about!
Posted By: Hogflyer

Re: Acorns - 08/09/14 11:11 AM

We have 2 places here, place in the hill country, dripping springs blanco area,
some oaks are just now have small growth where the acorn is forming, seems a bit
early here.... if they come early this year wonder if that's sign of what winter
we are gonn have?
Posted By: colt45

Re: Acorns - 08/09/14 03:22 PM

in normal yrs most oaks put on good crop about every other yr, in this drought, haven't seen any at all here in Bastrop county
Posted By: MoTex

Re: Acorns - 08/09/14 04:01 PM

Hamilton area has acorns on live oaks, not sure on red oaks yet. Makes hunting tough hut it is good for the wildlife!
Posted By: Western

Re: Acorns - 08/09/14 04:38 PM

I will have to go look now, a bit closer. Usually t gets pretty obvious around Sept 1st.

I know one thing for sure, deer here, are killing corn and protein and have most of the summer. We had a few rains and some green up, but right now the vegetation In Wise county looks freeze dried. Supplemental water has also been hammered in my back yard, due partly to availability to some degree.
Posted By: proudtexan

Re: Acorns - 08/10/14 03:59 AM

We hunt also hunt in Hailton county just outside Cranfills Gap. I will be going down next weekend. I agree that a plentiful acorn crop is great for the wildlife but it sure makes for tough hunting for the first few weeks of the season.
Posted By: Halfadozen

Re: Acorns - 08/10/14 04:14 AM

Checked the trees in Stephens County last week, there are a few setting. Had a few years recently where they were still dropping in January and not going sour. Ended up moving to a ground blind close to the oaks and bedding area, no feeder. Turned out good, but I hate getting that close to there bed. We are having a hard time time already getting bucks to the feeders, seems the mesquite beans are in abundance. I am going to set some cameras in the mesquite flats and see what is going on. Normally when this happens I will start to see a good rub line on the mesquites where the beans are plentiful. 2 years ago had a small 8 that rubbed nearly a line a mile long. I won't adjust my stand though till winter sets in and secondary rut is over, then I'll move closer to oaks. Normally set up in late December between water and bedding area, especially if it has food. Gamble though at that time, those deer have been pushed by the rut and hunters.
Posted By: stxranchman

Re: Acorns - 08/10/14 01:51 PM

I was in the Brady area this week for a couple of days. Lot of trees had small acorns. Some had none. For some reason I also so a few trees dropping small green acorns already.
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