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dark horned buck

Posted By: BrazosHunter

dark horned buck - 11/19/20 09:12 PM

We have seen a couple of these very dark horned bucks running around the ranch over the years.
This one showed up at the feeder Wednesday evening and was joined by a nice buck with the usual light colored horns.
My impression is that these two buck are still pretty young maybe 3 years old or so. What do you think?

Posted By: Biscuit

Re: dark horned buck - 11/19/20 11:06 PM

Posted By: Big8

Re: dark horned buck - 11/20/20 01:33 AM

On my place I would think 4.5, but you would know better on your place.
Posted By: bill oxner

Re: dark horned buck - 11/20/20 02:24 AM

Greatness. cheers
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