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Two boars

Posted By: FamousAmos

Two boars - 11/06/20 02:30 PM

Took the 9-year-old grandson to a bow stand with me this morning. Shot this guy and a second. Followed the second along a great blood trail. Too thick for the kid. Dropped him off at camp and will go look more. [Linked Image]
Posted By: Biscuit

Re: Two boars - 11/06/20 02:34 PM

Posted By: bigjoe8565

Re: Two boars - 11/08/20 01:48 PM

Nicely done.
Posted By: Ringtail

Re: Two boars - 11/10/20 05:02 AM

Congratulations! Nice picture!
Posted By: Archer Anthony

Re: Two boars - 11/10/20 01:21 PM

Posted By: FamousAmos

Re: Two boars - 11/10/20 04:00 PM

Never found the second hog. The blood trail was great for 100 yards or more and then just stopped. I thought I had missed him; that I shot under him but my vanes had blood on them and the trail was pretty heavy. I may have hit him in the leg and he bled well for a while.
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