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Sizing up

Posted By: Michael W.

Sizing up - 09/21/20 11:48 PM

These 2 have been sizing up each other for the past 30 min. Walking stiff legged, pawing, lowering their heads and mock charges. But nothing yet. My favorite buck, Knothead , that I've posted pictures of before seems to be the smaller buck by just a bit and he's been doing most of the backing up. I suspect sometime this evening or tonight things will come to a head.

[Linked Image]
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[Linked Image]
Posted By: SapperTitan

Re: Sizing up - 09/21/20 11:51 PM

Nice pics
Posted By: stxranchman

Re: Sizing up - 09/22/20 12:08 AM

cheers Two mature bucks at that. Great pics. up
Posted By: freerange

Re: Sizing up - 09/22/20 12:20 AM

Neat pics. Look at those ears laid back.
Posted By: Archer Anthony

Re: Sizing up - 09/22/20 01:03 AM

awesome pics
Posted By: Biscuit

Re: Sizing up - 09/22/20 01:05 AM

Posted By: NORML as can be

Re: Sizing up - 09/22/20 03:42 PM

Posted By: landsurveyor

Re: Sizing up - 09/22/20 04:03 PM

Posted By: Biscuit

Re: Sizing up - 09/22/20 05:54 PM

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