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Romanized nose?

Posted By: Texas buckeye

Romanized nose? - 10/23/19 05:55 PM

Saw this guy last night on camera. Looks to be about 4-5.5 yo and seems like he has a romanized nose, so maybe older. What say the forum?

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Posted By: 68rustbucket

Re: Romanized nose? - 10/23/19 05:57 PM

Choot it!
Posted By: Texas buckeye

Re: Romanized nose? - 10/23/19 06:18 PM

You don’t think he needs another year or two for maximal stankiness?
Posted By: dlrz71

Re: Romanized nose? - 10/23/19 06:45 PM

You can't shoot big HOGS if you keep shooting young boars!!
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