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Posted By: UT#1

Target List - 01/22/15 10:06 PM

This stud axis buck is still running around. I have my sights on him.
Posted By: SnakeWrangler

Re: Target List - 01/22/15 10:18 PM

Good luck...nice one there!
Posted By: jshouse

Re: Target List - 01/22/15 10:31 PM

Good luck, he's a beast
Posted By: TexFlip

Re: Target List - 01/22/15 10:40 PM

Posted By: Southtexas36

Re: Target List - 01/22/15 10:45 PM

That's one fine target, hope you get him. up
Posted By: kry226

Re: Target List - 01/22/15 10:54 PM

Posted By: Elkhunter49

Re: Target List - 01/22/15 11:04 PM

Very nice buck, you better hurry before he gets broken up!
Posted By: Stub

Re: Target List - 01/22/15 11:14 PM

You got that right, he is a stud up

Good Luck!

What county?
Posted By: dogcatcher

Re: Target List - 01/22/15 11:54 PM

Good luck.
Posted By: Auctioneer1

Re: Target List - 01/23/15 01:49 AM

I would hunt that deer every weekend until I got him.
Posted By: limestone pirate

Re: Target List - 01/23/15 04:18 AM

what a bull
Posted By: tex70

Re: Target List - 01/23/15 01:06 PM

Good luck!
Posted By: eneat1119

Re: Target List - 01/23/15 01:08 PM

eek2 rifle
Posted By: Pitchfork Predator

Re: Target List - 01/23/15 01:54 PM

eeks333 rifle That is a toad.
Posted By: landsurveyor

Re: Target List - 01/23/15 02:00 PM

Originally Posted By: jshouse
Good luck, he's a beast
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