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A couple recent fun hunts

Posted By: WLR Hunter

A couple recent fun hunts - 12/07/14 02:51 PM

We had a blast hunting this Gemsbok. After we glassed him, we ended up tracking him 300-400 yards and then the close stalk began as hunter wanted to take him with the bow. Finally everything fell into line and he was brought down by a 65yard shot with the bow.

This stag was an all day hunt following the herd until they eventually headed down onto the green feed. We walked off and circled around to make our approach via a creek in stealth mode through all the dead leaves and such. The wind was at our side then, This stag was real ornery and active, moving about the females well and choking off the younger stags, running them off - a lot of fun to watch but difficult to get into any good position for a shot. We just had to be patient and enjoy the show! There was a thought that he might get his last jolly on, but he was denied that when finally a clean shot presented at 100 yards!

And what better sight to get back to the lodge to the poppers roasting and some cold beers!

Lastly - a stag that was taken last year back from the taxidermist - photo angle doesn't do him justice but he was a beauty.
Posted By: NDN98

Re: A couple recent fun hunts - 12/07/14 02:57 PM

Posted By: Western

Re: A couple recent fun hunts - 12/07/14 02:57 PM

Love cooking food photo LOL, favorite time of a hunt!! grin

Nice animals too up
Posted By: dogcatcher

Re: A couple recent fun hunts - 12/07/14 04:33 PM

Posted By: jdk1985

Re: A couple recent fun hunts - 12/07/14 05:35 PM

very nice! Awesome
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