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Cruising? - 05/21/21 09:50 PM

The cruise ship thread in Off Topic reminded me of this.

A few years ago a girlfriend of mine accompanied her older parents on one of those Viking River cruises in Europe. Every night she'd send me pics of them doing fun stuff. I'd reply, I'd say "Oh! I hope you enjoyed so-and-so (name of town here) and did so-and-so (name of activity here)! She'd ask, "How did you know where I was?" I'd reply, "I was in the Marine Corps.". After a few days of that I started predicting the future, telling her, "Be sure and do so-and-so tomorrow at such-and-such town if y'all stop there!" (I knew they would) She was convinced I'd bugged her bags or phone somehow and was tracking her. It was driving her crazy.

In reality, in her first pic at the dock I saw the "Viking Cruises" logo in the background, and I knew where they'd flown into. A quick Google of Viking cruises and I knew her itinerary better than she did. I could have really freaked her out and asked "Are you having the steak or fish at dinner tonight?
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Assume. Look it up.

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