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Winter's Delight

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Winter's Delight - 05/11/20 12:21 AM

Two old farmers, Joe and Bob lived as neighbors but didn't' like each other much.

In 1999 there was a period of -30 degrees centigrade cold and Bob and Joe had nothing to do because of it. So they bet a bottle of vodka on who could sit out on the window ledge the longest with a bare a$$.

After two hours Bob's wife came home and asked Bob, " What are you doing?" Bob explained and she said,"come on you will only freeze your a$$ off!"

Bob refused as he wanted to win the bet, then his wife has an idea. She says, "Let's change places when Joe is looking the other way." Bob's put on the same kind of pullover and cap and traded places with him.

Half an hour later, Joe's wife came home and asked him, "What are you doing?" Joe told her and said, "I am determined to win that bottle!" "You're crazy, come on in here!" "Certainly not, I am already on the winning side, Bob lost his b@lls half an hour ago!"
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