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Willie Concert

Posted By: Stub

Willie Concert - 03/29/19 12:26 PM

My cousin was hauling a load of rolled sod to Texas ...
Gets pulled over by Louisiana state trooper ...
Trooper walks up to the door ...
Jeramy ... Can I help you officer ?
Trooper .. was just wondering where the Willie Nelson concert was being held at ....

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Cast

Re: Willie Concert - 03/29/19 01:56 PM

Iím stealing that. Thank you.
Posted By: Stub

Re: Willie Concert - 03/29/19 09:48 PM

Originally Posted by Cast
Iím stealing that. Thank you.


Re: Willie Concert - 03/30/19 12:40 AM

Thatís funny!!!
Posted By: redhaze

Re: Willie Concert - 03/30/19 01:16 PM

That is a memorial type of picture.
Posted By: pigplinker

Re: Willie Concert - 04/01/19 07:45 AM

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