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Need some direction

Posted By: GAR19

Need some direction - 08/18/19 03:21 AM

I posted in the open forum but have not had much luck. I am a disabled veteran with ALS. I have not been able to hunt in 4 years because of my condition. I am hoping someone has some experience or knows of an outfitter who can accommodate a disabled hunter. I would really love to get back out into the field.
Posted By: 68A

Re: Need some direction - 08/18/19 03:59 PM

There used to be a gentleman on this forum some time ago that went by Father of 4. He ran hunts for vets, I am fairly certain he accommodated disabled vets as well. I’m not sure if he is still running his outfit but I know there are still some folks on here that know him and may be able to answer that question. Not much help, I know, but hopefully someone with some knowledge will see this and respond.
Posted By: Wytex

Re: Need some direction - 08/26/19 05:34 PM

Sir, Wyoming has some disabled hunters programs. Worth looking into.
https://www.bandedbrigadeoutdoors.org/ They run the Jim G Cotterman Memorial Hunt in Wheatland,Wyoming. I know guys who donate tags and guide for that hunt every year.

You just might be able to get up here for a hunt of a lifetime without the hassle of the license draw.
Posted By: GAR19

Re: Need some direction - 08/27/19 01:52 AM

I will definitely look into it. Thanks.
Posted By: DavidC.

Re: Need some direction - 08/29/19 12:34 AM

Sent PM
Posted By: Jamoke

Re: Need some direction - 09/13/19 06:19 PM

There was a soldier on Ft Hood, not sure if he is still here, Nick Waag, he was part of a program called Hunting with Soldiers, he would contact local famers, and ranchers and arrange hunts for disabled veterans, anything from hog hunts at night with night vision to deer and Dove. Sounded like a good program, Although I am disabled, I never took him up on it. I always felt there was someone in more need than myself.

Posted By: GAR19

Re: Need some direction - 09/17/19 04:55 AM

Thanks. I took a look at the site. It is only for combat wounded , which I am not. I feel the same way about taking a hunt from another. I am looking for someone who can accommodate my disability but I would most certainly pay my way. There just are not many folks able to accommodate.
Posted By: colt45

Re: Need some direction - 09/23/19 11:23 PM

surely there is someone on this forum that could step up.
Posted By: HoldPoint

Re: Need some direction - 09/23/19 11:28 PM

What kind of accommodations would you need to be able to suit your style of hunting? I’d be happy to offer but all of my stands are box blinds 10 ft in the air. I’m not well versed in ALS so just trying to get a basis of what would work for you.
Posted By: HoldPoint

Re: Need some direction - 09/23/19 11:28 PM

Also where are you located?
Posted By: GAR19

Re: Need some direction - 09/24/19 02:44 AM

Thank you for the generous offer ! ALS is a terrible disease that paralyzes you over time. Most people die within 2-5 years. I am currently unable to walk or use my arms. That is why it is so difficult to get out there. It would require special equipment to be able to just hunt. That is why I was hoping to find someone who does this sort of stuff. I am truly grateful for the offers that I have received.
Posted By: HoldPoint

Re: Need some direction - 09/24/19 05:07 PM

I have a buddy who does some work with Texas Hunters for Heroes; I believe they are setup to accommodate your needs as it relates to hunting. I believe this is their website:


Good luck, I hope you find something soon.
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