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Wyoming 90/10

Posted By: Wytex

Wyoming 90/10 - 07/09/21 03:27 PM

I'm pretty sure some of you have been following the proposals put forth to the new Wildlife Task Force in Wyoming. They will then put forth ideas to the legislature and WG&F commission on changes to our hunting draws.
Yesterday they passed putting forth the 90/10 allotment for moose, sheep, mt goat, bison and grizz. 90% tags to residents and 10% to NR.
This does not mean it will be law but may very well. Our legislature will have to vote on it.
It will affect the number of tags available to NR for those species.

Some residents would like to see all our allotments on tags go 90/10 but I'm not sure that will get passed. Elk tag numbers are set for NR by law now and will not change in total number but may change in allotment of LQ and General tags. Some are proposing 90% in LQ elk and deer tags go to residents, if passed NR would get more General tags.

They will also be addressing other proposals later this summer.
Here is the ink to it's website and how you can send comments.
If you send comments, be specific and they ill get more attention. Don't bash but make suggestions and do let them know how these proposals will affect you and your PP directly. Keep in mind though that WG&F has always maintained that PP do not guarantee you a license, just a better chance to draw one, when you comment.

The NR wilderness guide law may be debated, good topic for your comments too.

Posted By: dogcatcher

Re: Wyoming 90/10 - 07/09/21 03:41 PM

Everybody wants the out of state dollars, but at the same time they want them to stay home.
Posted By: QuitShootinYoungBucks

Re: Wyoming 90/10 - 07/09/21 03:45 PM

What is WY current allotment as percentages?
Posted By: Wytex

Re: Wyoming 90/10 - 07/09/21 09:45 PM

These are the quotas going in to the draws. Elk number is set in statute and NR are drawn first. If LQ elk tags get cut to 10% NR would gain that many in general tags to make up the difference.

With deer and pronghorn, resident draws are first, any licenses not drawn by resident are rolled into the NR drawing. For the past several years NR have drawn about 53% of pronghorn licenses because of the roll over. Even if 90/10 passed for deer and pronghorn NR will probably still draw above 10% of the tags unless they change the roll over and put those licenses into the leftover draw or another draw for residents.

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Posted By: angus1956

Re: Wyoming 90/10 - 07/09/21 11:46 PM

I hope they don't mess with the deer, elk and antelope for NR. I'll have 11 deer points this year and time isn't on my side.
Posted By: Hunter307

Re: Wyoming 90/10 - 07/10/21 12:41 AM

Native Texan, Wyoming resident here.

I would gladly pay double for tags if need be to get 90/10. Even if it was sheep, moose, goat only.
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