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Hog problems...

Posted By: colt.45

Hog problems... - 06/06/21 09:17 PM

So what tis everyone's solution?
nidea idea's ,
scratch if trapping, would go with the bigger traps...
Monitored ta close gate, seen that on here...
Me, prefure rifle

Been two different sterilization threads that i've seen.
Could hurt deer population, & not sure if i'd be hunten for table fare...

Just curious idea's...

Social distancing from MN...
Posted By: Dave Davidson

Re: Hog problems... - 06/06/21 10:07 PM

I’m but deep in nocturnal animals that breed full time. I tell everyone to quit shooting coyotes. They are the only thing on our side.
Posted By: colt.45

Re: Hog problems... - 06/07/21 12:10 AM

cheers been out on stand during archery season & seenyotes carring off little pigs..
i used trail cams by creak, food plots, corn feeders ta keep take of hogs moving .
It has made differance...
Posted By: TCM3

Re: Hog problems... - 06/07/21 02:23 AM

rifle shoot every hog you see.
Posted By: colt.45

Re: Hog problems... - 06/07/21 10:24 PM

Originally Posted by TCM3
rifle shoot every hog you see.

cheers that thar HogStop ider doesnt impress me nethar...
& several disprove of it looking @ thrrad. Some good points made...

Posted By: dogcatcher

Re: Hog problems... - 06/07/21 11:38 PM

Start shooting!
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