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Posted By: colt.45

Roosters - 05/20/21 10:08 PM

First off reason not in photo thread
Driving down road.
In a field noticed 2 roosters (pheasants) fighting...
It would have been a coolpics...
Social distancing from MN...
Posted By: Biscuit

Re: Roosters - 05/20/21 10:32 PM

Posted By: 603Country

Re: Roosters - 05/20/21 11:15 PM

As far as I’m concerned, you can shoot the survivor.
Posted By: colt.45

Re: Roosters - 05/21/21 12:02 AM

Update just seen two more roosters fighting
Posted By: 603Country

Re: Roosters - 05/21/21 02:01 AM

Choot em...choot em. I hate roosters.
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