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Wyoming Mule Deer?

Posted By: ErnestTBass

Wyoming Mule Deer? - 02/17/21 09:59 PM

Saw the WY elk thread but didn't want to mess it up.

I've got one measley point. Trying to stack up points for elk, but I figure that's going to take me a lot longer to get into a good area. Thinking one point may get me a shot at a decent mule deer ... maybe?

Willing to look at DIY or outfitters. Used an outfitter last year hunting pronghorn in WY after having struck out on the NM draw a couple times. Was my first hunting trip ever outside of Texas, so I wanted to play it safe. After I got there, I realized DIY was totally doable to get a buck. At the same time, I really learned a lot from the guide, enjoyed the group, had a good place to stay, good company, and killed a better goat than I would have on my own, so I had no complaints at all. Would do that again, but at some point will also do some DIYs outside the state.
Posted By: txtrophy85

Re: Wyoming Mule Deer? - 02/17/21 10:10 PM

I’ve got 3 points and currently researching outfitters to try and get in a trophy unit.

Here is what I’ve found over the past several days:

Lots of deer killed are 140-150 class. Which is not a bad buck, but larger requires proven outfitters and better units with more points.

You can draw a tag with 1 point.

Lot of outfitters will do a combo antelope/deer hunt which is something I’m looking into as well.

Most guided hunts are between $4500-$7500 depending on accommodations and hunting style. I’m looking for a sole camp/horseback hunt.

Posted By: Hudbone

Re: Wyoming Mule Deer? - 02/17/21 10:17 PM

Check it Si Gillilands S&S Outfitters. They took over Maury Jones operation (WYguide license #1). Pay particular attention to the Gray’s River area just outside of Alpine and about 20 clicks below Jackson Hole.

Man Peak is quite a chore.
Posted By: Wytex

Re: Wyoming Mule Deer? - 02/17/21 11:27 PM

I would recc anyone but Sy but only because he leads the charge for outfitter welfare in Wyoming.
Your PP may limit you in the best areas, Region G takes more than 3 PP, H would need the special draw with your PP.

1 PP will get you a chance at a nice buck too ErnestT. Probably Eastern side of the state. Look into Iron Mountain Outfitters for a guided hunt. You can hunt their areas DIY also, Region J has public land to hunt.

Drawing odds are here for Regular deer draw : https://wgfdrawdocs.azurewebsites.net/docs/2020DRAWINGODDS_Deer_RegPrefPoints_NonRes.pdf
Posted By: WBT

Re: Wyoming Mule Deer? - 02/18/21 02:55 PM

I'd look at Robb Wiley's Non-Typical Outfitters first.
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