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Whitetail outfitter OH, KY, IN?

Posted By: Texas buckeye

Whitetail outfitter OH, KY, IN? - 11/29/20 02:34 PM

Cross posted this in outfitters as well for visibility...

Brother is looking for a local hunting trip on a whitetail property that isn't terribly expensive but is good. He keeps getting drawn into places that to me look like scams, but i have no experience hunting that neck of the woods so if anyone has had good experiences out that way, please let me know.

Looking for rifle or ML, budget around 3-5k.

Appreciate your help!
Posted By: bear64

Re: Whitetail outfitter OH, KY, IN? - 11/30/20 03:59 AM

I responded to this over in the guides and outfitters section.
best of luck
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