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New stand...

Posted By: colt.45

New stand... - 11/23/20 06:31 PM

Got day off, put this stand up yesterday, roughly 40yrds off a scrape hunted ground blind last hunt...
decook ya wanted pic of area... Well got a new scrape @ roughly 9:30 (inbetween me 9&10)... [Linked Image]
Scrape (fresh/new) in lower/middle...
[Linked Image]
Scrape sat by on ground leaning against big tree. Middle of pic...
[Linked Image]
Left rear...
[Linked Image]
Roughly @ 1 0'clock
[Linked Image]
Ta my right... it drops off

Keep your head held high & your powder dry...

Posted By: TexFlip

Re: New stand... - 11/23/20 06:53 PM

Looks like a prime spot. Good luck Colt!!
Posted By: titan2232

Re: New stand... - 11/23/20 07:22 PM

Yes sir very nice view.
Posted By: Ol Thumper

Re: New stand... - 11/23/20 07:31 PM

Good luck, it’s go time up
Posted By: colt.45

Re: New stand... - 11/23/20 11:36 PM

Nothen moving... was gonna sit tonight, bang had ta work on Jimmy...
cheers ta all... oh roughly 8-9 scrapes in area.

Gotta hit the road... running late..
Best wish's...
Posted By: colt.45

Re: New stand... - 11/24/20 01:48 AM

[Linked Image]
Fresh scrape, crossbow for refferance. roughly 8vothers all around that area..
[Linked Image]

A big 6 point been seen that area, owners didnt see it during slug season, bro seen big 6or8 point few days ago on his stand so it survived slug season. .
Twas nothing on cam, hope ta get a few pic's...
Tis all for now. Till next time...

Posted By: lms

Re: New stand... - 11/24/20 02:26 AM

You need to be 60 yards on the normally down wind side, I have found this out the hard way.
Posted By: colt.45

Re: New stand... - 11/24/20 04:25 PM

cheers Thanks....
Theirs scrapes literally 360 around, just the fresh one tis close for shot, got ladder stand for one side, the ground , natural for other side , play wind...
edit might have ta rethink stand.. put it up, & later noticed scrapes... was going off first scrape seen, crossbow,
Figured have place sit for wind...
up you make valid point...
The fresh scrape was after set stand,after sitting yesterday, looked for movement before getting down, eased towards the drip off ta left, it slew area, place been sitting part way down hill, watching trail, seen several deer bucks coming outa slew...
That's whin noticed the other scrapes... Bro had a old time wood stand were I put mine, taken several deer

Posted By: Biscuit

Re: New stand... - 11/24/20 06:13 PM

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