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Bad hit

Posted By: mow

Bad hit - 10/22/20 12:40 AM


Re: Bad hit - 10/22/20 01:12 AM

Was that filmed in 1964?
Posted By: Texas buckeye

Re: Bad hit - 10/22/20 04:07 AM

For a second I thought I would be footage of a Bigfoot being shot due to the video quality
Posted By: mow

Re: Bad hit - 10/22/20 12:08 PM

It's an old GoPro copy of a copy..geeze..tough crowd
Posted By: Hudbone

Re: Bad hit - 10/22/20 04:06 PM

I thought NORML may have choked on a seed or something.
Posted By: mow

Re: Bad hit - 10/22/20 04:54 PM

What, who is NORML?
Posted By: QuitShootinYoungBucks

Re: Bad hit - 10/22/20 05:09 PM

So did you find him?
Posted By: mow

Re: Bad hit - 10/26/20 08:02 PM

Yep..next day..coyotes had him ..not much left..about 1/2 mile from where I shot him
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