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Sig Kilo BDX RF's

Posted By: Jgraider

Sig Kilo BDX RF's - 11/05/19 08:16 PM

Are you guys who are running these things having good luck with them, specifically the 1800BDX and 2200 BDX? Not interested in anything Leica. Love the idea of the BDX app, and I realize it's good to 800 yds which is far enough for me. Thanks.
Posted By: cmorsch

Re: Sig Kilo BDX RF's - 11/05/19 08:22 PM

I use the 2000 as a backup. I have not had any issues with it up to this point.
Posted By: QuitShootinYoungBucks

Re: Sig Kilo BDX RF's - 11/05/19 08:25 PM

I have the 2200 BDX and have used it sparingly but in a couple of cases either it saw something (limb, twig, idk) I didn't or it was still warming up (lol) as I didn't get the result I expected. I plan to take it and my Leupold 1000TBI out together and spend some time comparing results. I will dig up this thread in a couple of weeks and add my findings.

On a positive note, Sunday morning I was out and assumed the doe I was about to shoot was at 200 yards, as I thought she was on the same plane as a road marker that is that far from the stand. Just before I settled into the shot I thought 'Ya know, I have the RF, just check it'. RF said it was 263, so I dialed accordingly, and shot was perfect. When I got down there I could see the difference between where she was standing and the marker and it made sense but it didn't look like that from the blind. She dropped like a rock at the shot, and her friend stepped out about 30 yards closer and joined her for the truck ride just a couple of seconds later.
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