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Mapulator Distance Ranging App Mapulator

Posted By: MrMadMac

Mapulator Distance Ranging App Mapulator - 10/03/19 05:59 PM

Recently found a great app for measuring distance. Mapulator shows your location. Lets you pin it. Use satellite view to pin other locations and measure distances. Can also be used to measure area. Settings allow for yards, meters and so forth.

For example, you are out in the middle of a pasture and see a coyote in the middle of another pasture. Shoot the coyote. Pin your location. Go to the location of the recently expired noble beast. Pin that location. Voila' ! Exact distance is provided. Now you now precisely how much you are exaggerating.

Or, sitting in a blind, use it to range out to different reference points -- fence line, tree line and so forth. When the critter appears, you already know about how far out it is.

Here is a 420 yard one shot kill last week with a .243 Ruger American Compact for sure coyote.

[Linked Image]

Spunky spotted her before I did and I am really glad I made the shot because I hate to disappoint Spunky.
Posted By: Creekrunner

Re: Mapulator Distance Ranging App Mapulator - 10/03/19 06:02 PM

Congratulations Spunky! (And you too.) welcome
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