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Joy Roman fish taxidermy

Posted By: b weezy

Joy Roman fish taxidermy - 08/09/19 12:07 AM

I posted this last week in the taxidermy section but figured I’d post it here also to get some more views and possibly some suggestions.This time last year I gave him a deposit to do a replica on a 43� red fish. He told me he would have it down in about 6 months. I called him in January and he told me he was almost done. I have been trying to call him for a month with no answer so I took the 2 hour drive to San Antonio this week to pay him a visit. When I got to the shop the doors were locked. I knocked a few times and someone answered. I told them who I was and who I was looking for, they said they haven�t seen or heard from him since April, they said he rented a room above their taxidermist studio and went home one day and has never came back and they aren�t able to get a hold of him either.They said many people and a few game wardens have been by as well. So long story short I got hosed and I don�t guess there�s anything I can do about it..
Posted By: Sneaky

Re: Joy Roman fish taxidermy - 08/09/19 02:31 AM

Sounds like he may be swimming with the fish.
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