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Food Plot for Deer and Birds

Posted By: Back 96

Food Plot for Deer and Birds - 04/14/19 04:00 AM

Weve got 3, ten acre high fenced pens and another 20 acres (part of a 2000 acre high fenced ranch) - getting ready to disc and plant something that can hopefully benefit the deer and in a perfect world also attract birds come fall. Got my farmer lined up to disc/plant, but is there a magical mix of seeds to plant in late April that is good for both deer and doves/quail? Ive heard milo and sunflowers are both utilized by each. Appreciate any suggestions.

Re: Food Plot for Deer and Birds - 04/14/19 11:57 AM

Iron & Clay cowpeas for the deer and sunflowers for birds. Peas are very drought resistant and will furnish deer forage till frost kills them and the deer will still be eating them.
Posted By: Rustler

Re: Food Plot for Deer and Birds - 04/14/19 01:14 PM

As simple as Tuner seed spring deer mix + Turner quail & turkey mix or dove mix.
MBS offers similar seed blends.

Or, select your own seed varieties and have Turner or MBS mix them to your specification.
There are seed companies in various areas of the state that offer their blends & do customer blends.

Alice or red ripper cowpeas may do better in your area than I&C.
Lab lab is a very good choice in many areas of the state, buckwheat, chickory, okra etc mixed with cowpeas.
sorghums, millets, sunflower for birds.
Posted By: TLoving

Re: Food Plot for Deer and Birds - 04/17/19 07:33 PM

After you select your seed blend, you may want to have a soil sample analyzed to determine the fertilizer needs of your soil. The County Extension Agent in your area would be a good resource for information.
Posted By: stxranchman

Re: Food Plot for Deer and Birds - 04/17/19 07:40 PM

I would talk to Turner Seed Company and get their feedback for your area and situation. Are you going to plant those same plots this fall again? Might change what I would plant. If I were planting I would do split fields...half and half of Lab Lab and Sunflowers. Might even consider Sunn Hemp for deer in with the Lab Lab for it to vine on. Lab Lab does well in drier times but will grow well into the fall if you shut the plot fences to keep the deer off of it once they graze it to a certain height. Like posted above Red Ripper cowpeas are a good choice as I have found them to be very viney and a bit more drought tolerant than Iron and Clays. I mixed Red Rippers and Sunn Hemp this year on 4.5 acres this year for the first time.
Posted By: dogcatcher

Re: Food Plot for Deer and Birds - 04/18/19 12:02 AM

What county?
Posted By: Back 96

Re: Food Plot for Deer and Birds - 04/20/19 02:34 PM

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