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American Predator Challenge

Posted By: ameripredchall

American Predator Challenge - 01/23/19 08:00 PM

We are a local company doing something that we think is absolutely amazing. We are hosting a nation wide coyote hunting competition with the popular hunting tv show Buck Ventures. There are over $60,000 in cash and prizes available. The tournament is starting this Saturday and again is nationwide! The difference between us and other coyote calling competitions is technology. We have taken 2 years to develop an app approved by the app store and available for android. All harvests are checked in via the app, this means that anyone can compete in the nation. Hunters from Oklahoma will be competing with hunters from New York and so on. This is a one of a kind competition that will revolutionize the predator hunting industry. Please take some time to look over our website and look at the upcoming tournament.

I am available for questions and would love to speak more about this exciting event!

American Predator Challenge Website
Posted By: DonPablo

Re: American Predator Challenge - 01/23/19 08:25 PM

So if I read the rules right, the hunters in states like TX will be able to hunt at night with spotlights but the hunters in most western states will not. I saw where they excluded thermal but the wording lead me to believe spotlights we’re still ok where legal, right?
Posted By: pigplinker

Re: American Predator Challenge - 01/24/19 02:35 AM

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