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The Lost Tapes

Posted By: gary roberson

The Lost Tapes - 08/31/18 03:06 PM

This weekend on CARNIVORE, we air footage that was shot years ago when very few folks cared about predator hunting and much less shooting video of hunts. I must admit that I was unable to recall all of the stands but some of them are etched in my mind forever. I hope that you will tune in.
Thanks and Adios,
Posted By: cm250

Re: The Lost Tapes - 09/02/18 11:37 PM

Thanks Gary, caught most of show, lots of great footage and several nice kills! Always look forward to your shows!!!!!!! Cm250, Tony
Posted By: nak

Re: The Lost Tapes - 09/03/18 04:40 PM

Just watched that episode. You had some great footage in there...who cares what the video resolution was, or if there was digital image stabilization. Great stuff and thanks for dusting off that old box.

I hope you keep going through it, and share more. How about a adding a different 30 - 45 second kill shot clip at the end of each show?
Posted By: gary roberson

Re: The Lost Tapes - 09/10/18 01:54 PM

Thanks Gents, I appreciate the positive words. I will have another episode of the LOST TAPES this week. One of these days, I want to do a show on the best shots of CARNIVORE and of course, if we do that, we need to show the worse shots to be fair.
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