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Dang Rattlesnakes

Posted By: gary roberson

Dang Rattlesnakes - 07/10/18 01:34 PM

Last week Steve and I were hunting a big ranch in NE NM when walking in to make the first call in dim light, I stepped within 6 inches of a 4 1/2 ft. rattler. On the second call, I pointed to a big cedar that I wanted Steve to back up to in order to break up his outline. After sitting down, he looked back into the cedar for a half grown cottontail that I had run over him when he found another rattler coiled within arm's length. Going to the third call, I killed another smaller rattler sliding across the ranch road.
Yesterday morning before daylight, we got out to open a wire gap that had grown up from no traffic for many years. The grass was almost knee high when Steve stepped on another rattler. I think that the only reason that the snake did not hit him was the grass was too thick. We killed another healthy rattler crossing one of the ranch roads. The unsettled weather really has the snakes moving.
I have had about all this snake business that I can stand for a while. Way too many "way too close calls" in one week. Sooner or later the snake is going to win.
Posted By: cullbuck

Re: Dang Rattlesnakes - 07/10/18 01:44 PM

I'd say you're using up your free passes pretty quickly!
I presume there will be several "bleeped out" audio segments in this show.

Be careful and good hunting!
Posted By: Jimbo

Re: Dang Rattlesnakes - 07/10/18 02:10 PM

Sounds like ya'll could make some easy cash if you can find a snake buyer in the area.
All you need is a 8' long conduit and some old antena wire to form a loop, and a bucket with a lid.
Posted By: gary roberson

Re: Dang Rattlesnakes - 07/10/18 03:48 PM

Jimbo, we are a long way from civilization on most of these ranches and I don't have time to mess with snakes when shooting TV. In years past, we have captured and sold a few snakes around Menard. I still have a couple of the "snake catchers" in my garage.

P.S. If you watched last week's CARNIVORE hog hunt, you saw another close call with a snake as Brandon Burch stepped on the snake while easing into a bay of the big white and black hog. We did not get footage of Brandon "high stepping" as Steve was ahead of us with the camera.
Posted By: dkershen

Re: Dang Rattlesnakes - 07/10/18 07:31 PM

Sounds like snake boot or good gaiter territory to me.
Posted By: BowsnRods

Re: Dang Rattlesnakes - 07/11/18 02:46 AM

Hey Cuz, That many rattle bugs is Bad Medicine, we're you on the Reservation. Glad you guys made it back safe. Love those Chippewas!
Posted By: gary roberson

Re: Dang Rattlesnakes - 07/11/18 01:22 PM

BowsnRods, I was near Tucumcari, NM and then near Sanderson when Steve stepped on the rattler.
Getting bit in the country we were in would be about the worst place in the world to deal with it. An hour from pavement, over 100 miles to any Dr. and no cell service for 50 miles and close to an hour and a half to get to cell service. I did have ice in an ice chest and a towel to hold it on the bite.
I have yet to kill a rattler on the Navajo but know that they are there as my buddies get a dog bitten occasionally.
Posted By: BowsnRods

Re: Dang Rattlesnakes - 07/11/18 02:22 PM

Great Country for hunting yotes, when I was living in Truth or Consequences New Mexico, I hunted the foot hills around Elephant Butte and the flat lands around Chucillo. There were a good number of coyotes and some were even very light colored, almost white. The fur buyer that came through town would pay $50/$70 per coyote, but that was 35 years ago. I was hunting them with a m1 carbine 30 cal. That belonged to my grandfather. I didn't have access to your mouth calls back then, so I just made a noise like a distressed jack rabbit.
Posted By: SnakeWrangler

Re: Dang Rattlesnakes - 07/11/18 03:41 PM

Originally Posted By: dkershen
Sounds like snake boot or good gaiter territory to me.

Sounds like none of them bothered y’all other than the one stepped on.... scratch
Posted By: colt45

Re: Dang Rattlesnakes - 07/11/18 04:11 PM

did you have enough changes of under wear?
Posted By: gary roberson

Re: Dang Rattlesnakes - 07/12/18 01:50 PM

I think that Steve was pretty close to a wardrobe change and I can't blame him. It is sad that I am getting accustomed to close calls and find myself getting mad at them rather than excited that I was not bitten. I have started wearing the Chippewas and will leave them on until until it cools off. At 65, I am sure that my reaction time is not as quick as it was a few years ago. Possibly the worst thing is my glasses with the "readers" in the bottom. I just don't see the ground as well as I used to.
I am wanting to start a couple of young hounds on coons around here so that they will be ready for lions this fall. The increased movement of the snakes has keep me and the dogs at the house lately.
Posted By: retfuz

Re: Dang Rattlesnakes - 07/25/18 02:06 AM

Don't quit wearing the Chippewas when it cools down. Trust me on this.
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