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Thank you Billy Kinder!

Posted By: DAN-O

Thank you Billy Kinder! - 12/08/14 08:05 PM

Thank you Billy Kinder for coming and recording a show on our Outdoor education program at Kennedale HS! There are currently 200 schools in Texas who participate in Outdoor Adventures. When the broadcast airs. make sure that you have your school admin and school board members listen to it and do what you can to get the program into your school. The broadcast can be heard in its entirety here after the program is edited and finalized. Please get behind this movement and help the Dallas Ecological Foundation help fund this program for schools. Our kids will be the torchbearers for the future. We need to expose them to the outdoor world. Sadly, many will never experience it if we don't get them exposure in a school setting.


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Posted By: dogcatcher

Re: Thank you Billy Kinder! - 12/10/14 05:05 AM

Posted By: Erathkid

Re: Thank you Billy Kinder! - 12/10/14 05:17 PM

I love the concept. Hopefully more schools will participate in these type of programs.
Posted By: DAN-O

Re: Thank you Billy Kinder! - 12/12/14 04:55 PM


Here is the site for the Dallas Ecological Foundation if you would like to see what all is offered in the program. It is great for kids because it gives every kid something to belong to. Girls and guys are equal in all these activities, and it truly comes down to skills. Right now there are about 200 schools in Texas who participate in this program.
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