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Rain Report

Posted By: KG68

Rain Report - 11/22/14 11:27 PM

1.7" and still sprinkling here. banana
Posted By: stxranchman

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 12:26 AM

I have had from 1.45" to 1.59" since Thursday with over 1.3" today. More to the west now and hope it hold together to get to me. I could use some runoff.
Posted By: janie

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 12:48 AM

Originally Posted By: stxranchman
I could use some runoff.

Amen. We all could.
Posted By: Payne

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 01:08 AM

Tanks are filling up
Posted By: dogcatcher

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 01:11 AM

In Abilene we did not get enough to get the creeks to running. Washed a little dirt out of the air and that was it. bang
Posted By: Hunter_812

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 02:00 AM

I got anywhere from 1.25" to 2.6", filled up tanks that haven't had water in a year.
Posted By: huntindude

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 07:04 AM

about the same as payne
Posted By: rockinrdranch

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 01:11 PM

2.4 inches in Colorado County
Posted By: wtjim

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 01:45 PM

2.5" Liberty Hill/Andice area....my dirt is like a sieve. Sloppy mess yesterday decent today....if I built a tank I'd have to line it or bentonite clay it. Right now I've run water lines to 3 8' round troughs been working well.
Posted By: rifleman

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 01:47 PM

Rained most of Fri and started raining again last night around 9 and just slacked up. It's a little damp.
Posted By: Western

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 02:03 PM

Haven't went out to the gauge, but looks like just over 3/4", far less than was predicted for my are but much welcome just the same.
Posted By: Payne

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 02:43 PM

The tank was less than half full yesterday.
Posted By: don k

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 02:46 PM

4 tenths here.
Posted By: stxranchman

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 03:39 PM

Ended up with 1.6" of rain over the past 2 days and that makes it over 4" for November now. The food plots were needing it really bad. Even had to replant half of one due to Army Worms this month. These last 2 good rains have made them really jump even after the cold temps.
11-2-2014 after only about 1" of rain on 11-17-2014 till late October.

11-5-2014 Army Worms wiped out an area to the right of this pic and had to replant.

Yesterday evening after 1.6" rain in the past 2 days and 2.15" on 11-7-2014.

Middle portion was bare ground and these pics are after the replant 2 weeks ago.

Posted By: KG68

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 03:48 PM

STX you got a 3 buck to 1 doe problem down there. eek2
Posted By: Big_Ag

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 03:57 PM

Tanks filled up with the rain we got a few weeks ago. I haven't been out to our place yet, but confident we got enough runoff to top tne spillways. This high wind today is going to dry up tne surface pretty quick.
Posted By: Stompy

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 04:02 PM

1.75" here south of Breckenridge.
Posted By: SnakeWrangler

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 04:43 PM

Fairfield, Freestone Co had 5" in the gage this morning...that is for the last cpl days.
Posted By: Western

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 05:06 PM

.85 In SW Wise county, they called for 2-3"
Posted By: stxranchman

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 05:16 PM

Originally Posted By: KG68
STX you got a 3 buck to 1 doe problem down there. eek2

It was pretty dry at that time and the bucks were hitting the feeder pretty hard. With the rut getting closer they were dogging the doe so much that the doe just did not come into the feeders when the corn feeder went off.
There is not a doe in that pic, it was all bucks. There where a couple on corn in the road and in another spot to the left of the feed pen. The buck to doe ratio is getting better and should be close to 1:1.
The recent rains have change the amount deer at the feeders and now the doe have moved back in, just don't stay to long though. The bucks are roaming all over now. Had 3 new bucks show up on TC on the 21st 2 days ago.
Posted By: Payne

Re: Rain Report - 11/23/14 05:34 PM

Your plots look good, I had to replant also.
Posted By: 7ARanch

Re: Rain Report - 11/25/14 04:32 PM

2.25 after the past few of days. Finally got enough to get some runoff. One tank almost filled up the other still has a long way to go.
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