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Land Owner/Leasee insurance?

Posted By: Britton

Land Owner/Leasee insurance? - 08/11/14 05:26 PM

I have an older gentleman that is willing to lease his property to me for hunting. He said he tried to lease it a couple years ago but insurance was the issue, and very expensive. In the past I have only had to sign a waiver to hunt. He thinks that not only does he have to have insurance but that I would also. What does anyone know about this? Thank you!
Posted By: sqiggy

Re: Land Owner/Leasee insurance? - 08/11/14 05:55 PM

If you are leasing from him, then all you need is liability ins., or hunters insurance as we call it. That's how we do it. And the price depends on the acreage, or at least our does and it's not that expensive
Posted By: kry226

Re: Land Owner/Leasee insurance? - 08/11/14 06:47 PM

It probably depends on the LO's part on how much acreage and how much money, and which insurance company he uses. My current liability policy with FB allows me to lease up to $15,000 without any special policy addendums or riders. But I think he would be foolish to not have liability insurance in any case, leasing or not.
Posted By: newulmboy

Re: Land Owner/Leasee insurance? - 08/11/14 07:42 PM

I have a 1 million dollar liability policy on my acreage. Its added to my house insurance and runs me $52 a year from Farm Bureau.
Posted By: Britton

Re: Land Owner/Leasee insurance? - 08/11/14 09:54 PM

Thanks guys! Think I have found a solution for us. I found a company to do a 1 mil policy for the year for cheap. Now if he will just call me back. haha
Posted By: Pittstate

Re: Land Owner/Leasee insurance? - 08/11/14 11:58 PM

I use the insurance through American Hunting Leasing dot Org. Same as the NWTF uses, but don't have to be a member of anything. It is very reasonable.
Posted By: batman

Re: Land Owner/Leasee insurance? - 08/12/14 12:01 AM

We have to pay for insurance on our 2,000ac lease. 4 guys $100 total, so $25 each is pretty cheap.
Posted By: colt.45

Re: Land Owner/Leasee insurance? - 08/12/14 12:38 AM

cost of hunting going up we leased twas no need for insurance flag
Posted By: Big_Ag

Re: Land Owner/Leasee insurance? - 08/12/14 02:09 AM

QDMA also offers it. Go to QDMA.com.
Posted By: tlk

Re: Land Owner/Leasee insurance? - 08/12/14 11:25 AM

while the subject is active you can buy an umbrella liability policy for 1-5 million that is added to your homeowner policy and not expensive at all - someone above mentioned it - lease or no lease it is a very good idea to have one
Posted By: redchevy

Re: Land Owner/Leasee insurance? - 08/12/14 07:00 PM

Never even heard of it.

Sure liability on your property so if someone hurts themselves your covered, but lessee/basically tenants insurance for lease hunters???? what's this world coming too
Posted By: Leonardo

Re: Land Owner/Leasee insurance? - 08/12/14 08:04 PM

Not all liability extends just because you lease the property. Many times there will be exclusions if you lease out other spots and receive money from them. I am an insurance agent and I just got through looking for a solution personally. My Farm & Ranch Policy covers hunting and leased property until I take money which makes it commercial. Some of the groups mentioned above read the same way unless it is a nonprofit club.

It is a tough situation. Read the fine print.
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