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Tap and Die Set

Posted By: TLew

Tap and Die Set - 05/04/22 02:52 PM

Anyone know of a good tap and die set? Even some of the Irwin and Bosch stuff is junk now. Not looking for snapon/matco prices just a nice middle ground that will last a while
Posted By: RattlesnakeDan

Re: Tap and Die Set - 05/04/22 03:05 PM

I have a set of Sears Craftsman made in the USA that is good quality, but it is probably 20 years old now. I recently ordered a replacement die and it was stamped "China" of course. Not sure what you are going to get nowadays.
Posted By: el Rojo

Re: Tap and Die Set - 05/04/22 03:39 PM

Last I got was Kobalt at Lowes. They work for me.
Posted By: dogcatcher

Re: Tap and Die Set - 05/04/22 03:46 PM

I bought a 40 piece set of Efficere, because all I use it on is brass aluminum and mild steel. It was cheap, at my age I do not need to look at 20 years home use. But it has been used and has worked flawlessly. I don't buy the good cutting oil, I use ATF from the dollar stores mixed with kerosene.
Posted By: TCM3

Re: Tap and Die Set - 05/04/22 04:13 PM

Gear wrench. 77 piece
Posted By: mindyourbusiness

Re: Tap and Die Set - 05/04/22 04:16 PM

No help here. I’ve had a few of the cheap sets and finally bought a master set from Snap-on a few years ago and the quality is definitely a major upgrade
Posted By: pdr55

Re: Tap and Die Set - 05/04/22 04:27 PM

Don’t know if they still make them but I have a Starrett set and have never had a problem.
Posted By: Simple Searcher

Re: Tap and Die Set - 05/04/22 04:29 PM

I have a Magna set (I have no clue where it came from) that I have used for 20+ years. I do not use it a lot, but I have been happy with it when I needed it.
Posted By: LonestarCobra

Re: Tap and Die Set - 05/04/22 04:54 PM

One key thing is to make sure they are HSS no matter what brand you get, that junk that Irwin and most of the ones you get at the hardware store is usually Chrome Vanadium, and wont do much good except for chasing threads, and they will still pizz you off. Cleveland and Hertel are decent brands, If you want better than that, Guhring is what you need to look into, we use them exclusively, but they are probably a little overkill for general home use.
Posted By: TLew

Re: Tap and Die Set - 05/04/22 04:55 PM

Sounds like it's snap on or cheap. I'll give the gear wrench a try
Posted By: Old_Town

Re: Tap and Die Set - 05/04/22 11:32 PM

Hanson/Irwin they are probably who makes Snap On taps. I have a large metric set from Tekton that is pretty good my older Hanson sets are better quality.
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