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Video help

Posted By: drilla4rilla

Video help - 07/27/20 08:55 PM

Can anyone help me with the process of posting a video from my phone on a new thread?

Nothing special but I finally got some cool video of a couple pigs and wanted to share. I don’t have an issue with photos....just video.

Thanks in advance and sorry if this is a redundant thread topic.
Posted By: dogcatcher

Re: Video help - 07/27/20 09:00 PM

Put it on YouTube then link it to here.
Posted By: PMK

Re: Video help - 07/27/20 09:04 PM

Originally Posted by dogcatcher
Put it on YouTube then link it to here.

Posted By: drilla4rilla

Re: Video help - 07/27/20 09:39 PM

Got it. Thank you.
Posted By: bill oxner

Re: Video help - 07/27/20 10:47 PM

To link it click onto the button just left of the red button. A box will jump up. Click on that, past, and clock okay, then post.
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