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90 Day Bird Guarantee


90 Day Bird Guarantee - 11/21/21 04:13 PM

Sullivan's Taxidermy out of Cleburne will be offering 90 day turn around on birds (excluding turkeys).Time frame starts from drop off of bird with 50% deposit and position picked. Dont pay second half if not finished in time frame. For more pictures and prices visit our website www.sullivanstaxidermy.com

Ducks 275
Geese (Snows, Specks, etc) 375
Canada Goose 475
Sandhill 500 [Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Posted By: jskin

Re: 90 Day Bird Guarantee - 11/24/21 03:21 PM

How long will they keep in freezer?

Re: 90 Day Bird Guarantee - 11/24/21 09:52 PM

All depends how they've been wrapped. But a year easily if stored right they can for many years. Just had some come in the other day that were in there 4 years no problems at all.
Posted By: JSTex

Re: 90 Day Bird Guarantee - 11/29/21 01:17 AM

He finished my two ducks in less than 90 days. They turned out great. Jaime
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