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Outpost Taxi on 380

Posted By: Buzzsaw

Outpost Taxi on 380 - 04/07/20 04:28 PM

I've been trying to reach them with no luck. Anyone talked to them lately? confused2
Posted By: Rustler

Re: Outpost Taxi on 380 - 04/07/20 07:56 PM

The Outpost
March 26 at 7:36 PM ·
Due to Covid 19 we are considered a non essential business and are under a county mandate to be closed for 7 days. Hopefully this won't be extended past our 7 day mark and will be able to reopen next Wednesday April 1st. Everyone stay safe and take all necessary precautions to help this pass. God Bless.

Governor Abbott’s executive order GA -14 extended this to April 30.
Posted By: Buzzsaw

Re: Outpost Taxi on 380 - 04/07/20 09:41 PM

thank you Rustler!!!!
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