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Axis buck

Posted By: Fallen Trophies89

Axis buck - 01/13/20 05:17 AM

[Linked Image]
Posted By: krmitchell

Re: Axis buck - 01/13/20 04:27 PM

I really like that base. That is a good idea.
Posted By: SnakeWrangler

Re: Axis buck - 01/13/20 06:46 PM

Very nice...
Posted By: Exiled

Re: Axis buck - 01/22/20 09:54 PM

Posted By: twdjr

Re: Axis buck - 01/25/20 09:42 PM

Posted By: Creekrunner

Re: Axis buck - 01/25/20 10:03 PM

up 'Dig the ocotillo dead stalks too. You gotta seal that barrel up and screw the hoops on good or else the staves will dry up and it'll fall apart. It looks good and treated. Well done! Beautiful piece. You have to have a BIG room for that.
Posted By: dogcatcher

Re: Axis buck - 01/26/20 03:26 AM

Posted By: pop r

Re: Axis buck - 02/02/20 08:14 PM

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