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Rattlesnake skin mount

Posted By: Texas buckeye

Rattlesnake skin mount - 08/06/19 05:12 PM

Looking for some cool DIY options for mounting a rather snake skin at my ranch place. Father in law shot this guy Sunday night, took the skin off the board and have it in salt water now, but will replace it on some board and borax the heck out of the skin and let it dry out.

Show me some pics of things you have done to your snake skins that look cool

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Posted By: 68rustbucket

Re: Rattlesnake skin mount - 08/06/19 09:09 PM

I’d don’t think I’d be posting a pic of that one on a public forum.
Posted By: Texas buckeye

Re: Rattlesnake skin mount - 08/06/19 09:21 PM

IN Oklahoma as a landowner I am allowed to take a nuisance rattlesnake whenever I want. This was near my house with kids and dogs running around and is not listed as endangered or threatened, so I think I am good. Appreciate the concern tho, as in TX it is a different story.
Posted By: Dalroo

Re: Rattlesnake skin mount - 08/06/19 09:28 PM

Like the cap - Go Pokes!
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