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Antler Color

Posted By: TiggerV

Antler Color - 04/11/19 06:07 PM

I have 2 rack from deer I have taken and one of them is still a dark chocolate colour, while the other has bleached to almost white. The deer were harvest within a year of each other, and from all that I can remember have been thru the same treatment.

Why the color difference? Unfortunately I do not really remember their colour when I shot them ...
Posted By: TiggerV

Re: Antler Color - 05/13/19 05:39 PM

Posted By: dlrz71

Re: Antler Color - 05/14/19 01:01 AM

I believe antler coloration has a lot to do with what trees were used when they rubbed out of velvet. Not sure what would cause one to bleach compared to the other unless it has seen sun.
Posted By: Longhunter

Re: Antler Color - 07/25/19 11:28 PM

Stain it....
Posted By: snake oil

Re: Antler Color - 07/26/19 04:05 PM

Oak spray stain is what I use. Just match the color of cap or whatever with your desired color.
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